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Here are some examples of my film work as a Producer, Writer and Director.

As a Writer, Director and Creative Director, I have a history of creating Haunted experiences such as Haunted Mazes, Live Shows, Marketing Events, Characters and Street experiences.
J. Michael Roddy Promo Reel: Film

The Great Power Struggle

Intel Promotional Series

I helped create, script and direct a series of short films and comic books that would generate interest in intel’s promotional campaign. This included production including directing genre veteran Tom Savini, greenscreen studio work, overseeing animation, and post-production.



The Impact of Things That Go Bump In The Night
Listen to them... Children of the Night!

Light your lantern, grab your Garlic and Wolfsbane and hold close as we set out to explore the fascination with the Fantastical. Monster Kids, a brand-new documentary delves into the darkened abyss of the laboratories and crypts to investigate the continued impact of Monsters on the youth and the culture of America.

Join original Monster Kid Bob Burns and a host of Hollywood's most prolific filmmakers, writers and fans as they explore why things that go bump in the night fascinate us. From original props to detailed recreations, from toys to high-end collectibles, we will examine the appeal of the Creatures of the Night.

MonsterKids was my opportunity to celebrate the dark inspirations of my childhood and help document what the experience meant for us. Us. The ones that continue with us to this day. Horror hosts on Saturday afternoon, the smell of aurora plastic, the fun of Halloween and at the root of it all the official bible of Monsterkids everywhere – Famous Monsters of Filmland. That paper, those images and those terrible puns made it acceptable to be a fan of the dark and the things that go bump in the night. This documentary was made with love and appreciation, and I am honored that it has reached an audience. My thanks to those amazing artists and filmmakers who like me knew what it meant to love the Monsters. We knew that there were far worse things than death. We knew that electricity could bring a monster to life. And we knew that even a man at heart who said his prayers at night would become a wolf when the wolfbane bloomed and the moon was full and bright.

Monsterkids has won the following awards:

  • Cenflo Central Florida Film Festival - Best Documentary 2017 
  • Silver Scream Festival - Best Documentary 2018  
  • Halloween Picture Show - Best Feature 2017 
  • Rondo Hattan Classic Horror Awards – Best Documentary 2017 

The Shark is Still Working


Throughout numerous interviews, actor Richard Dreyfuss has memorably recounted the story about the troubled production of Jaws, where loudspeakers echoed the desperate phrase “The shark is NOT working!” across Martha’s Vineyard on a daily basis. Due to a small and exhausted crew of effects wizards however, the mechanical monster finally did report for duty, and the rest is cinematic history.
Now, thirty years later, a group of inspired filmmakers and fans have embarked on a project to celebrate pop culture’s passion for that film and explain why, after all this time, THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING.
According to the American Film Institute, Jaws ranks among the fifty greatest movies of all time and the second greatest thriller ever. The now infamous behind-the-scenes lore of Jaws is arguably Hollywood’s most legendary and engaging “making-of” stories. Countless books, essays and retrospectives have been published to chronicle the mayhem-fraught creation of Steven Spielberg’s landmark masterpiece.
But until now, there is a story that hasn’t been told…
After four decades, Jaws continues to entertain (and frighten) audiences. It is a timeless classic in a world of fad filmmaking. Some of today’s most revered directors and writers have cited Jaws as their inspiration for pursuing a career in the film industry.
Although the advancement of CGI technology has pushed the boundaries of visual possibilities in similar genres, Jaws still seems to be the singular movie experience that motivates beach-goers to stay close to the shore. It continues to garner critical acclaim, excite die-hard movie buffs, and remains solidly among the top-twenty box office grossers of all time. The film’s long shelf-life has allowed it to be discovered and adored by new generations of fans.

The Shark is Still Working focuses on the enduring legacy and impact of this movie classic.
This feature length documentary will spotlight Jaws fans (or “finatics” as we like to call them), and explore their passion for the film. It will travel back to Martha’s Vineyard, where it all started, to celebrate the film’s thirtieth anniversary at Jawsfest, showcasing the first official gathering of Jaws fans from around the globe. The documentary will highlight numerous Jaws-related spoofs and homages seen in subsequent movies and television programs. Interviews with many of the cast and crew of Jaws, as well as celebrities whose careers have been influenced by the film, will give the viewer some insight as to why this groundbreaking monster movie has earned a well-deserved place among the greatest classics Hollywood has ever produced.
Find out why, after thirty years, the shark is indeed still working.

Behind the Scenes